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  1. Hi bro how are you ?

    Your youtube Video tutorial is great but me can’t understand french , please English version ?
    My name is Biya am all the way from Ethiopia  am IT expert but i am new to this , i get lot of interest on coovachili + freeRadius + OpenWRT
    please help me on this issues , i wish you answer to my questions below and i want to start business on this.
    i will be happy if you can do it in pdf or video that can follow all necessary steps and do it simply.
    This is a website which is making lot of money on wifi hotspot using Coovachili + FreeRadius + OpenWrt

    1, Which version of Ubuntu is good to run coovachili Ubuntu Desktop or Server ?
    2, Which services should i install from Ubuntu for coova captive portal ?
    3, where can i get steps from scratch to configure coovachili. can i get full code steps to configure
    coovachili + freeradius + mysql
    4, how can i setup my radius server to control wifi hotspots located in diffrent places , for example i want to be
    wifi hotspot provider for hotels , cafes and others located in diffrent cities
    5,how can i cloud host the splash page to redirect to my website ( ) and my wifiHotspot clients mean hotels , cafes can have
    their own account to login to and add advertisement and contact info and generating vouchers for their wifi users this webiste i told you their customers login and manage their wifi
    6, how can i setup it with OpenWrt firmwares ?

    Kind regards Biya Japi

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